Why Hire an Emergency Plumbing Service?

As a homeowner or business owner, you know how important it is to schedule regular maintenance checks on your plumbing system. Routine inspection of your water pipes and drainage system can help prevent any plumbing issues from occurring. 

But sometimes accidents can happen. What if a water pipe suddenly bursts or if water won’t stop overflowing from the toilet for some reason? Or what if your water heater malfunctions and fails to deliver hot water when needed? 

These are just some of the common plumbing emergencies that you may encounter, and it’s crucial to act immediately and hire emergency plumbing services in these events. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a bigger problem that will require a more expensive fix.

Why Is It Important to Call 24-hour Emergency Plumbing?

In an emergency, your instinct may tell you to repair any damage yourself as it is quicker than waiting for help to arrive. However, if you have no experience in urgent plumbing repairs, you may end up doing more damage. 

Even if you know a thing or two when it comes to DIY home repairs, if you’re in an emergency plumbing situation, it is better to let a 24-hour plumber solve the issue.

The following are some benefits of calling emergency plumbing repair contractors:

Floor damaged by water leak

They have experienced and well-trained plumbers

Emergency plumbing companies employ professionals with the expertise to handle any type of plumbing job. Besides the experience, 24/7 plumbers are equipped with the tools and equipment for fixing plumbing issues, whether it’s a burst pipe emergency, emergency sewer repair or emergency drain repairs. A 24-hour emergency plumber will inspect the damage, identify the root cause and find the best solution for fixing the damage. 

They help you save on costs

When it comes to addressing plumbing issues, timing is crucial. After-hours plumbing services may cost higher than non-emergency plumbing repairs. But keep in mind that a same-day plumber works fast without sacrificing quality. Because plumbing issues are resolved promptly, the cost of damage is reduced.

They come to you when you need them

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any day of the week and at any time of the day. Because any damaged or broken components must be replaced or fixed immediately, plumbing companies offer 24/7 service and same-day service. They will send a 24-hour plumber who will arrive at your property asap to prevent a plumbing disaster. 


When a same-day plumber goes to your property, they will make sure they fix all the issues in your plumbing system before they leave. After conducting a thorough repair job, they will also handle clean up to ensure there is no opportunity for future flooding or mold growth, which can be detrimental to the health and safety of the occupants of the property. Besides repair and cleanup, they will also recommend ways to prevent plumbing issues from recurring. 

Fast and Reliable Emergency Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta

Have plumbing problems that need immediate attention? You don’t have to search online for “emergency plumber near me” or “24-hour plumber near me”.

At American Rooters, we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services in Marietta, Acworth, Douglasville, and nearby areas. We have friendly and professional 24-hr plumbers who can provide prompt and reliable emergency plumbing repair services at an affordable cost.

If you need local emergency plumbing services for your home or business, contact us or call our hotline to schedule an appointment or request a no-obligation quote. We are open all days of the week from 8 am to 8 pm. 

We provide emergency plumbing services, restoration services and clogged drain services to the following areas:

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